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 Friday - September 26 - 7:30 pm
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After two years of working on a concert date, we are proud to kick off our fall season with rising star Sarah McQuaid.

Sarah's voice has been likened to malt whiskey, melted chocolate and "honey poured into wine" (Minor 7th). A captivating performer, she seduces her audience with cheeky banter and stories from the road, as well as with stunning musicianship; in her hands, the guitar becomes much more than merely an accompanying instrument.

Her musical output reflects her own eclectic background: Sarah was born in Spain, raised in Chicago, holds dual US and Irish citizenship, and now lives in rural England. Refusing to be pigeonholed, she spans the genres with both her beautifully crafted originals and her interpretations of material from around the globe and down the centuries.

Sarah's third solo album The Plum Tree and the Rose has drawn critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic: "Impeccable," wrote fRoots (UK), while Midwest Record (USA) called it "low key but glorious and incendiary" and Hot Press (Ireland) said it "should feature on many end-of-year best-ofs."

"Likely to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck."
- Aled Jones, BBC Radio 2

"A world class talent ... burns with a brilliant allure."
- Living Tradition
Peter Mayer - Friday October 24, 2014

Last year Peter's concert was sold out, standing room only, and people begging to be allowed to sit on the floor. You have to bring someone like that back - at least for all the people who couldn't get in!

Peter Mayer writes songs for a small planet-songs about interconnectedness and the human journey; about the beauty and the mystery of the world. Whimsical, humorous, and profound, his music breaks the boundaries of "folk", and transcends to a realm beyond the everyday love song, to a place of wonder at the very fact of life itself.

Peter began playing the guitar and writing songs when he was in high school. He studied Theology and music in college, and then spent two years in seminary. After deciding that the priesthood wasn't for him, he took a part-time job as a church music director for 8 years, while performing at clubs and colleges, and writing and recording his music. In 1995, he quit his job and started touring full-time. Since then, Peter has gradually gained a dedicated, word-of-mouth following, playing shows from Minnesota to Texas, New England to California. He has nine CDs to his credit, and has sold over 70 thousand of them independently.
There are at least a dozen Peter Mayer songs that I would love to learn myself, but I could never play them as well as he does."
--David Wilcox, Singer/Songwriter

"I'm a huge Peter Mayer fan, but only when I don't feel like killing him for being so good. I love Peter's work, though it irritates me that he plays so much better than I do. If I rocked half as hard as Peter does, I'd own the world by now."
--Janis Ian, Singer/Songwriter

"Mayer offers up everything you could ever want from a singer/songwriter."
--Dirty Linen Magazine

"This native of Minnesota is a master storyteller."
--Folk Roots Magazine
Friday November 21, 2014

This won't be their first rodeo in Fargo. GCO has been with us 4 times, and everytime they come, they are more amazing than the last time. They take you all over the road map of Americana muisc. Traditional bluegrass, blues, jazz, improv... Every member of the band is an accomplished musician. When you hear them play you'll get that silly grin that you get when you can't believe how good something sounds.

Been humpin' it since '09. 5 CDs, lots of road trips in a van with two toppers and a trailer and a road-dog named Nicko. Mr. Jakey Alex Wright is road-dog #2 and is a floppier version of the Nickster. As some of you may know, we recently went through a personnel change. We are now working with drummer Billy Thommes. Billy has a dog too. Sugar. We might bring her on the road - she's challenging the other two's cuteness.

We play music. And... scene. We kid, we kid, we joke with you! We call our genre: JAZZGRASS ART-ROCK

It's quite an accurate description of the band. We're all over the place and that's how we like it. Lisi grew up listening to classical, heavy metal, hard rock and Hanson - Mmmbopp shall always hold a special place in my heart! (Yes, 'my', who else did you think was gonna write this? One of the guys?!) Dan is from Chattanooga and he's arguably the best country picker in town, but he also grew up on the Dixie Dregs and Mahavishnu Orchestra, boom! John's coming from progressive rock, JETHRO TULL (he checks their website weekly), Medieval and THE BEATLES! and Billy's all over the map... we should know, he's the van DJ with his fancy iPod and you never know what's comin' next!

Here are a couple fan descriptions:
"The bastard sons (and daughter) of Rush and Ralph Stanley."
-Chris from Binghamton, NY

"The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra sounds like Bela Fleck meets Rush, goes out to breakfast with John Coltrane, and gets home in time to go golfing with Jeff Beck."
-Jay from St. Cloud, MN.

January 9, 2015 - The Duhks
Juno Winner
Emmy Nominee

February 13 - Rachelle Cordova & Toni Lindgren, of Reina Del Cid
In Cooperation with A Celebration of Women & Their Music

May 2015 - Eric Taylor Returns!
" The William Faulkner of songwriting in our current time." - Nanci Griffith
"I'm always the opening act when I'm around Eric."
- Lyle Lovett
"He's the real deal" -
Steve Earle

Keep watching as the 2015 Line-up continues!
Sara McQuaid
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