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This won't be their first rodeo in Fargo. GCO has been with us 4 times, and everytime they come, they are more amazing than the last time. They take you all over the road map of Americana muisc. Traditional bluegrass, blues, jazz, improv... Every member of the band is an accomplished musician. When you hear them play you'll get that silly grin that you get when you can't believe how good something sounds.

Been humpin' it since '09. 5 CDs, lots of road trips in a van with two toppers and a trailer and a road-dog named Nicko. Mr. Jakey Alex Wright is road-dog #2 and is a floppier version of the Nickster. As some of you may know, we recently went through a personnel change. We are now working with drummer Billy Thommes. Billy has a dog too. Sugar. We might bring her on the road - she's challenging the other two's cuteness.

We play music. And... scene. We kid, we kid, we joke with you! We call our genre: JAZZGRASS ART-ROCK

It's quite an accurate description of the band. We're all over the place and that's how we like it. Lisi grew up listening to classical, heavy metal, hard rock and Hanson - Mmmbopp shall always hold a special place in my heart! (Yes, 'my', who else did you think was gonna write this? One of the guys?!) Dan is from Chattanooga and he's arguably the best country picker in town, but he also grew up on the Dixie Dregs and Mahavishnu Orchestra, boom! John's coming from progressive rock, JETHRO TULL (he checks their website weekly), Medieval and THE BEATLES! and Billy's all over the map... we should know, he's the van DJ with his fancy iPod and you never know what's comin' next!

Here are a couple fan descriptions:
"The bastard sons (and daughter) of Rush and Ralph Stanley."
-Chris from Binghamton, NY

"The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra sounds like Bela Fleck meets Rush, goes out to breakfast with John Coltrane, and gets home in time to go golfing with Jeff Beck."
-Jay from St. Cloud, MN.

January 9, 2015 - The Duhks
Juno Winner
Emmy Nominee
Friday November 21 - 7:30 pm